I am Viktor Elizarov the founder of . If you share my passion for landscape and travel photography and you want to improve your skills by learning different aspects of the trade,you in the right place.

How do I find the best locations for travel photography? What tools and techniques do I use to process my photos? What are my favorite travel photography hacks to make things easier and more fun? How do I use my blog as the foundation of my photography business?

 I strive to provide answers to all of these questions and many others in my photography blog .

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In recent years, Lightroom became the most important tool for any type of photographers. These days, it is more useful and effective than Photoshop. Lightroom covers three crucial aspects of photography: Photo Organization, Photo Editing, and Publishing. If I had to choose the only tool to recommend to a beginner, it would be Lightroom.

It is no wonder then that the most popular resource on my blog is my Free Lightroom Preset Collection . This collection represents 10 years of my experience of editing and processing photos and reflects my personal style and my artistic vision. Just download the collection and I promise that it will help you to improve your photography, save time on processing but, most importantly, it will demonstrate how I approach the process of editing photos.

And, if you need further help, the collection comes with a tutorial.

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